• Yuroo Achit

First Impressions!

You’ve probably seen the name, “Seventeen Creations”, floating around here and there on your social media pages. You might’ve even seen some of their work. Well, I personally noticed this group of young creative minds when I first moved to Daejeon, South Korea in 2018. Back then, the name “Seventeen Creations” didn’t exist but it was always the same familiar faces. Whenever school had a big event or had to make a promotional video, it was always the same people working together and creating cool content. From afar, I saw that they made music videos for their artist friends, organized parties for foreigners in Korea, recorded and performed song covers at events, and many more. I had the opportunity of joining their little crew earlier this year and I haven’t regretted that decision since.

I joined on the condition that I’d be hosting a podcast show. I’m really extroverted and talkative so I thought it’d be something fun and easy to do on the side while I’m still here for school but at the same time, I also thought it would require a lot of time and dedication from me. What initially surprised me was that I was welcomed with warmth and hospitality. I thought I’d go through a rigorous “audition” and have to prove myself to an already established working team. During my first meeting, Tima filled me in on what was expected of me, who does what in the group, what our future goals were and all I could think of was, “They’re so ambitious!” Each person had an important role and it was really cool to witness all of them bouncing ideas off of each other and developing it. Even when sitting with me, they made sure to make me feel heard and that my ideas and opinions were valid within the group. Not once do I feel like an outsider or that I don’t belong. I think that’s the best part about working with Seventeen Creations. Yes, the ideas and projects that we work on are fun and exciting. Yes, we get to learn a lot during the process. And yes, it’s one more thing to add to our resumes. But the best part has got to be getting to know these guys and creating lasting bonds.

From my interview with Tima in the first episode of Idiatime, we all learned that he was really close to selling his camera and moving on. But something stopped him and got him to get us all to work together. Within the last two months, we have collectively decided on several projects. I’m so excited to be able to share our plans with you all here! The best part about this is that there will most likely be something for everyone on all our social media pages. We will have podcasts that discuss various topics with different guests, fun videos with Thomas and I completing challenges and embarrassing ourselves, music podcast where Alex and Thomas play some sick music and talk, music videos for local artists, and hopefully, there will be many more when the rest of the gang comes back to Korea after the travel bans are lifted. So please stick around for some fun, exciting, and new ideas and content from us in the future!

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