• Timur Mikheev

What Seventeen Creations is About

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

So what’s the point of entertainment anyways? Why are we, impressionable keen young adults, so fixated on creating an all-entertainment related production company in the first place? Some will ruefully say that its the money we’re after, that our vision is so narrowly pinpointed in all the fame and fortune that follows producers throughout their careers. Well, that’s just not the case. Not even close. I first joined fully knowing there wouldn’t be any monetary income but that there would be huge tremendous amounts of rewards in every other aspect.

The work we do at Seventeen Creations is solely to help upcoming, new artists in every field related to entertainment, to stand up on their own two feet facing this industry with confidence, integrity, and most importantly, independence. Our team is comprised of international college students living abroad, working together in all fields to make people’s dreams become a reality. To learn more about the specifics, go check out DiaTime #1 with Tima Mikheev on our YouTube Channel, “Seventeen Creations”.

The only sort of “entertainment” I’m worthy of performing is painting (you can read more about it on the previous blog post!). And I haven’t even painted in about a year, I’m probably so rusty at this point. I often find myself wondering what am I doing in the midst of these extremely talented people. Tima is a camera expert with an eye for aesthetics, Dia has a background in design & creativity, Thomas understands all the dynamics of music pieces so intricately, and everybody else is talented in their respective fields. I could go on and on. So you can understand my dilemma when it comes to my presence here, whether I belong or not. I often argue with myself and say, “There’s no I in Team.” But then what makes us, well... Us? I believe we have a certain dynamic to our team. We work really well together, we bounce ideas off of one another, we value each other extremely and we put our clients’ needs above ours. We have a common goal. We have no idea what the future holds for us but we’ll definitely keep doing the best that we can with whatever resources we have, and we’ll most definitely keep on improving ourselves and our work.

The entertainment industry is also notoriously one of the harshest industries in the world. I mean, you can probably think of some scandals and whatnot already without me having to mention any. Producers are also widely known to “steal” from their clients. That’s not what we’re about. The team at Seventeen Creations has either graduated from or are attending the same Business school in South Korea. We understand the ethicality of the industry and how important it is for us to keep enforcing it over and over again.

I hope any interested, prospective artists read this and understand what Seventeen Creations is truly about. We’re really here for you and are willing to do the best we can do help you produce some amazing content. 😉

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